This review was sent in to us after we helped a client transfer their phpFox to a more adequate provider.

When I first came across phpFox I was amazed at the features the script has to offer. It really is a social network in a box. The only thing I needed was a hosting provider capable of hosting this powerful software. I immediately went to the phpFox site to their “recommended hosting” page. What a mistake, the first one was useless and my site was taking over 15 seconds to load a page even with only one member. The support there was useless too so I decided to switch to another provider.

I moved to the next provider on the phpFox recommended hosting page and then had to work out how to transfer the site, I eventually gave up and instead and decided to re-install from scratch as I barely had any members and little to no content. Originally I had paid phpFox $50 to install the site for me, instead of paying again, I searched the web and found a efficient service from TweakDorks that took care of it for half the price at $25.

It was at TweakDorks I was introduced to new recommended hosting provider for phpFox and they said that the reason phpFox recommends these hosts is not because they are good choices, but pay the highest commissions for new customers.

After having more of the same thing with my second hosting provider recommended by phpFox I decided to take them up on their recommendation of Thexyz Server. I ended up paying a bit more but I really don’t mind because I received the sort of service I had been looking for. I just wish I had found Thexyz Server sooner, or better yet phpFox had actually recommended them.

The support team at Thexyz Server is really attentive and took care of installation free this time! With a support team that responds within an hour guaranteed, regardless of what hour of the day it is. The speed of my site is great and I have learnt so much from the support team. They also have hundreds of videos which are accessible to all members. I highly recommend Thexyz Server for hosting a phpFox site.



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