How can I manage a email newsletter subscription package?

There are a number of online services like mailchimp that allow to sign up and pay a monthly fee for sending a newsletter. If you want to removed the footer text that says “Sent by Mailchimp” you will need a white labelled solution like what we create for our users here at TweakDorks. This way there are no recurring monthly costs and no costs for sending mail. All you need is a server and you can get one like this at Thexyz Server for just $4.99 per month.

What is included:

  • allow recipient to unsubscribe
  • space out mail so your domain does not get flagged as suspicious by spamhaus
  • keep with in the daily limits of sending mail
  • HTML/PHP newsletter subscription forms
  • Allows users to unsubscribe
Email Newsletter Subscription Package
Run your own email newsletter and collect your user's email addresses so you can send them a compliant email newsletter.


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